on abandonment

I wrote this one inspired by the men I’ve loved who I’ve felt abandoned by.

Maybe those who leave us in a way that feels painful and sudden are really those here to help wake us up out of co-dependency and the habitual experience of compromising ourselves for another?

Maybe their leaving is here to teach us how to stand on our own two feet?

Either way, offer yourself compassion. Its always an adjustment to be intimately involved with another and then suddenly not to be.

And then maybe read this poem. And consider the possibility that this person’s highest love was actually demonstrated in their leaving.

No need to excuse the behavior of how they did the leaving but you can certainly take the gift.

And you can drink that cup all the way up

until red truth serum drips down the sides of your impossibly beautiful mouth

as you howl to the moon like a wild woman returning home to herself, “I rise.

Bottom’s up,

Mary C

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