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The writing process has proven to be both thrilling and terrifying. I believe if you want to be a great writer, you best be ready to face the truth of your life. I’ve been recounting old experiences, going into old memories, immersing myself back in – in attempt to extract and emerge with something worthy of living on in words. Ive been praying to see things more clearly and asking for God’s help to write more honestly. Well, it seems my prayers were heard. I’ve been having to see some truths, old choices I conveniently buried probably in some attempt to keep a “poor me” story line going. Which is where this piece comes from, the realization of a break up I was going through where I sat and let him take all the blame of infidelity when I knew I too had been living out of integrity with our vows to one another.  Whew. What a ride. I think a writer needs 3 things: paper, a pen and blankets of compassion. I called Jesus in to be with me yesterday as this wave of truth came through. While often terrifying to face ourselves and the choices we’ve made, I’m grateful for living more honestly. And I could have never forced myself here to the place of seeing, I think these things are revealed in their own time and always in the company of Grace.

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