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I’m Mary Catherine.

I’m really glad you’re here.

One of my favorite quotes is from the poet Rilke

He says:

“I do not like to be folded, for where I am folded, there I am a lie”

I believe the answer to many of our ailments lies on the other side of us unfolding ourselves.

For it is the folding of yourself, the editing of you, that has you un-well,

lacking the vibrancy available for you in this moment.

You think its something else

perhaps you need a new diet

or a new boyfriend

or a new workout routine

And sure, maybe a few adjustments would help.

But in my experience a woman who’s congested in her expression is usually congested in body, love-life and money.

So unfold yourself.

Un-pretend yourself here.

Take up more space.


Like really,



Let your belly poke out.

Let your jaw release.

Let your sex want what it wants

and your mouth speak freely.

Want without folding yourself.

Speak without editing yourself.

And love yourself here

in all your expanded glory

in your mess, your divinity.

your perfection, your humanity.

And dear one, embrace your body here

in this unfolded space

let her (your precious body) feel the sublime pleasure of

not holding on

not hiding

not trying to be anything

other than her wild, glorious, voluptuous self.

This is the Liberation!

I think the most compassionate gift you can offer yourself

the gift of un-pretneding yourself

to yourself

and then to others

Its a practice worthy your entire devotion

for on the other side of your unfolding, is everything you’ve been seeking

the self love

the peace

the sex

the body

the money



and ultimately the intimacy you crave.

If this digital space and my work

is “about” anything its



choice by choice

exhale by exhale

want by want

truth spoken by truth spoken

and celebrating ourselves there

in whatever is beyond the unfolding

and to devote ourselves then to the worthy practice of loving that.

“Where I am folded there I am ________. “

You fill in the blank…

The women I work with typically experience

inflammation in body

weight gain


unwanted relationship patterns

lack of intimacy

low libido

feelings of listlessness and depression

as a result of living a folded life.

It’s time. Your body needs to unfolded, un-edited you. You need it. Those who love you need it. And I dare say the world is waiting on the woman unfolded.


Mary C

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