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Sometimes I’m Not “Fine” and That’s Finally Okay…

  This one's for the ones who tend to forgive a little too fast, who tend to feel feels but rather bypass - the uncomfortable ones. This one's for those who have been released from a relationship they never would've left on their own but now on the outside can see how they've grown and [...]

words for the aching heart who’s ready for the very best

Hi. Below is a passionate piece I wrote a few weeks ago. I've been talking to a lot of you lately and it seems many are going through what I'm calling a "heart awakening". Which, as it turns out, can feel a lot like a leg awakening that's fallen asleep in the middle of [...]

“Losing You” : some thoughts on loss, innocent vows, cold endings + our indestructible hearts

  I'll admit, I like writing about relationships and the heart and sad moments that crack you wide open to more capacity to love and feel than you'd ever thought possible. Today I write about my experience with loss. I share this today for art. I share it for you. I share it for [...]

men, sex & relationships: my 3 unexpected dating discoveries

I was a virgin when I got married. This is true. Full story on that to come. Our marriage was lovely save the basically “sex-less” part. That was painful. Our endless attempts to “fix” this part became hauntingly sad. We separated in 2012 (the year apparently everyone’s proverbial shit hit [...]

We Get It: You’re Grateful AND…

We get it: you’re grateful. But what are you truly aching for?? I’m noticing a trend among women. In client sessions I’m hearing a common cry: You’re aching for MORE! More connection. More health. More time for yourself. More energy and money and intimate sex. Yet as soon as this [...]