on finding pure love

every touch you give

every glance

every kiss

every time you slow down to the pace of this


you carry me to the edge

of love’s pure waters

your presence with me

calls me drink

I will not run from this love,

I will drink

until I sink

in these waters

of remembering.

~this is pure love

My weekend was full of love. I met someone who met me in all the places I’ve recently been willing to be with and to love within myself. The experience of being met by another, truly seen, adored, valued and worshiped for the brilliance of who you are…well it’s quite the saturating and healing experience. I’m in awe of my ability to receive this level of love. Grateful for it’s arrival in external physical form. What a gift lovers are. Two sovereign beings, meeting, greeting and bordering one another in Love. Wonderful stuff. May your day be blessed, may you continue to practice the most important path of all, the path of moving at the pace of your own precious heart, the path of presence with yourself, your needs. None are too grand or too small.  May you, with every act of attention to your heart and your needs, convince yourself on a cellular level that you are worthy of the whole world pausing just to know you are comfortable in this moment. Love. Pure love. Always, Mary C

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