We Get It: You’re Grateful AND…

We get it: you’re grateful.

But what are you truly aching for??

I’m noticing a trend among women.

In client sessions I’m hearing a common cry:

You’re aching for MORE!

More connection.

More health.

More time for yourself.

More energy

and money

and intimate sex.

Yet as soon as this ache is expressed in flows a compulsion to cover your ache with gratitude and “okay-ness”

“But I’m fine”.

“I’m so grateful for all I have”.

“I’m good, really”.

Really? Are you good?

And is good, good?

I’m not convinced.

And I’m a stand for your heart’s desires being fulfilled.

Which means it’s time to be with your ache. Without judgement. Without apology and without need to package it up in a pretty gratitude sandwich.

This ache-shame-ache cycle is causing stuck-ness and confusion in your female body.

The most loving thing you can do is drop the mask.

Be with your ache.

Want what you want.

No need to add disclaimers.

Get real. Get messy.

Ask for what you want.

Give yourself what you need in this very moment, if you can.

Get yours.

We know you’re grateful,

Mary Catherine

***In the comments below, tell me: what are you aching for? Share away: without judgement, without apology and no gratitude sandwich. Would love to hear from YOU. <3

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