Mary Catherine Shurett

why you’re not losing weight: the shifts you must make


Have you tried counting calories, obsessive weighing and restricting foods?

You’re doing the best you can, yet trying harder is hardly working.

You have a life beyond dieting you want to live, but find yourself stuck as you obsessively try to get this weight thing figured out.

Good advice just ain’t cutting it and intuitively you know you need more than food information. You need to experience a transformation in your mindset and belief system so you can get un-stuck and onto more creative things.

Yes? Read on to learn how.

How to Stop Being Diet Obsessed
and Get Un-Stuck:

Here’s the thing, if you want to go from days obsessed with calories, scales and food to a life flourishing with creativity, confidence and freedom (and a roaring metabolism) you first must:

  1. Love on yourself by trading in self-criticism for self-compassion.
  2. Let go of canned fix-it formulas and learn the simple basics of caring for your unique female body.
  3. Re-wire your belief system to one that says hell yes to being sexy and playing BIG.

You might be asking yourself how and where to start when there is so much info and self-help out there?

That’s why I want to share with you the absolute minimum amount of information you need to:

  1. Clear your limiting beliefs
  2. Get un-stuck
  3. Create a roaring metabolism for natural weight loss (and anything else you desire as well!)

Sound good? Let’s get you un-stuck and in your flow…

The Essential Shifts You Must Make
to Start Losing Weight

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