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Unfold Yourself 1-on-1 Virtual Sessions: 3 pack

Unfold Yourself Group Coaching Membership

Unfold Yourself VIP Weekend Immersion

This weekend is about getting tapped in, turned on and tuned up to all things AUTHENTICALLY YOU.

Re-memebering yourself to you. the YOU before you were supposed to be someone else. Before you started people pleasing in effort to ensure love and belonging. Before you lost your interests to to do lists. Re-member the YOU before fear penetrated you with warnings of not shining too brightly or seeking too much attention. The YOU before Pleasure became a “bad” word and before your body became your number one fix -it project.

Who is that woman? Where is she? What does she have to say? What does she want to feel in her body?

This weekend is designed as a 3 pronged approach:

  1. Re-connect  – lets slowwwww this ship down a bit. Lord it gets loud out there. Through guided movement, sound meditations and visualizations we will reconnect with you and discover your home-frequency. A frequency, much like a snow flake, which is perfectly and utterly yours. We will practice sensual and mindful eating of local seasonal foods to support anchoring deeper in this frequency. And if it suits us depending on energy levels we will go out dancing or to the ocean for a night dip. <3
  2. Re-Discover – here we will engage in activities designed to push you to your edge that we might discover what’s inside. Often our truth is on the other side of our fears. Get ready to courageously participate in your life (from Victim to Accountable) Everyone’s edge is different, we will discover what’s best for today’s plan on our pre-weekend call. Good luck trying to hide what would really push your edge 😉
  3. Re-write. Writing is medicine. Together we will rewrite, redesign the story of you. Unfolded. We will use words, imagery, visualization and sound attunement to transcribe a story worthy of living into. This is the fun stuff, we will then embody this new vision on a cellular level using my Quantum Creation technique.

This weekend will be in San Diego, if and when appropriate you will live my life with me. WE will dance, move and socialize in ways that reconnect you to and re-member you to yourself once again. Yourself beyond body shame, before you doubted yourself, restored confidence on the deepest level. The you who once danced naked in the rain, or jumped wildly on a trampoline or spoke your mind without concern of what others will think. With a good blow out and me on your side, theres nothing we can’t rediscover and no story we can’t create from here. Im excited to spend time with you.

If this is a weekend that calls to you, please fill out the following form. I will read and get back to you within 48 business hours. Here’s to you and your unfolded self!

At the moment the way I “work” with people feels a bit…unique.

I’ve been coaching women for almost 10 years in areas of body-love, self-love, relationships and communication within those relationships. And recently my way of working with others has been more intuitive, spiritually guided, let’s just hang with somewhat of an intention and watch magic flood into your life type thing.

Here’s what I’ll say, if you resonate with me and have a felt sense that I have embodied and am authentically living an aspect of life that you currently want more of, then I say contact me.

If you’re considering hiring someone to support you in your life, I strongly believe you should do so because:

  1. You like them.
  2. They have mastered (or are living pretty damn well) something you know is within you too but might just be a little latent at the moment.

If you feel this way about me, I’d love to talk and see what relationship feels good for us to work together.

With love,

Mary C